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What Do Third-Party Apps and Holiday Gifts Have in Common?

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On the surface, Third-Party Apps and holiday gifts may not seem to have a lot in common. But they’re a lot more alike than you think!

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, just like third-party apps do. They can be complex, they can be simple, they can be a pain in the butt to set up, but at the end of the day they both benefit us in their own wonderful ways. 

Just like unwrapping a holiday gift, discovering a new third-party app can bring a sense of excitement and curiosity. Whether it's the simplicity of a note-taking app or the complexity of a comprehensive CRM system, each comes with its own set of surprises and benefits. They can sometimes challenge us during setup or integration, akin to assembling a complicated toy. 

Yet, once everything is in place, these apps, much like our favorite gifts, have a unique way of enriching our professional lives, streamlining our workflows, or opening doors to new opportunities. So, let's unwrap the similarities and celebrate the diverse benefits these digital 'gifts' bring into our world.

Productivity: Productivity apps are like getting a pair of airplane tickets as a gift - the journey might be a bit cumbersome to getting it adopted, but once you get there, it’s a world of new connections and collaborations! 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): CRMs are like getting a cool 2000 piece puzzle as a gift - it may look like a lot of complicated pieces at first, but once you put it together you can really see the bigger picture!

Security: Security tools are like getting gifted a totally awesome LEGO set! Setup is always fun and it’s just awesome to see how it fits into your existing landscape.

Lego/Creator Monster Burger Truck - Kidstop toys and books

Automation: Automation tools are like getting gifted a new smartphone with the latest technology! It might feel a little daunting at first because you’ll have to set it up and download all of the apps you want, but once you get set up it really makes life easier.

Project Management: Project management tools are like when you’re a kid and you rip open your present, only to find a pair of socks – unexciting at first but incredibly practical and appreciated later on (c’mon we all know we love getting socks as adults).  

Email: Email systems are like getting your bills paid as a gift - it’s not a glamorous idea and it’s pretty simple of a gift, but it brings a profound sense of relief and order. 

IT: IT tools are like when your dad gets a new toolbox as a gift - he might be super excited about it, but you personally aren’t involved in it so it isn’t as exciting to you. But you do reap the benefits of having everything in the house running smoothly! 


Finance: Finance tools are like being gifted cash from your favorite relative. It might not be the flashiest present, but the immediate boost in financial capability it offers is always welcome and valued. 

Development: Development tools are like being gifted a set of books. They offer a wealth of knowledge, the potential for creativity, and the tools to build and explore new ideas. Each book, like each tool, opens up a world of possibilities, inviting you to learn, grow, and create something unique.


Just like the diverse array of holiday gifts we receive, third-party apps bring their own unique set of advantages and challenges to our professional lives. From the simplicity of user-friendly tools to the complexity of all-encompassing systems, each app adds value, much like a carefully chosen gift. They may require some effort to set up and integrate, but the payoff in efficiency, connectivity, and innovation they bring is undeniably rewarding. This festive season, let's appreciate the digital gifts that these third-party apps are, enhancing our work and personal lives in countless ways.